Dear Guest,

We as one of the leading tour operators operating in the exotic islands of Andaman and Nicobar, we always utmost try to satisfy our esteemed customers. Our major motive is in making them feel comfortable and safe, even while they are not losing their very essence of travelling to a whole new place. Furthermore, we are very much particular in acquiring the support and trust of our clientele by forming a credulous relationship. The terms and conditions of our firm will be notified to you before the visit to the travel destinations so that absolute transparency is created between you and us. Once you are agreeing to these, our services and conditions will be bound by an agreement. From the reservation policy cited in our website, you may discern about the information regarding our guidelines on any amendment, reservations or cancellations of the trips. After you are complacent with the company’s terms and conditions, you may fill up the personal data in the forms provided, which in turn will be referred to you in the form of confirmation emails.


  • For availing the best travel experience, we as a loyal tour operator will be providing you with the finest accommodation spaces, cruise and airlines.
  • On your behalf, we are availing you all those travel bookings besides acquiring agreements from other service providers directly to your possession.
  • The amounts charged for the services such as hotels, ferry tickets, ferry service are decided and set after a negotiation from the providers based on their present rates. If there is any alteration in them, the reductions or the extra charges will be levied later.
  • As the weather conditions prevailing in the island say a lot about the prospects of ferry services and other water sports activities made available to the tourists visiting Andaman, we could assure you that we will always be setting you forth a backup plan, if any sort of crisis is hit. However, funds once paid will not be returned for the instances of non-sailing ferries with respect to our already cited cancellation policy. Henceforth, the prepared travel itinerary can be subjected to alteration.
  • Due to any genuine cases, if you cruises to Ross, Neil or Havelock Islands gets revoked, we could set up yet another travel itinerary along with refunding the accommodation charges that you had already paid for. This could also apply to the instances when the tourist spots you had chosen are under any maintenance works. Meanwhile, if such an occurrence is known to you earlier, you may duly make changes in the itinerary.
  • Also, during rough weather conditions, some of the water sports activities will be required to be either postponed or cancelled, we will try the best to return the collected amount. Nevertheless, such leniencies will be confined to Ross, Neil and Havelock Island.
  • Apart from giving any compensation to the time-delayed because of a vehicle breakdown, we will be arranging all the needful measures that could guarantee you a safe journey.
  • For the reasons such as flight cancellations, political closures breakdown, natural hazards, accidents, sickness or for any unexpected cases, our company will not be liable to provide alternations or postpones the already set schedules. Extra charges will be levied if you are insisting us to do.
  • We could provide you with yet another accommodation in the same hotels if the already booked rooms are unavailable due to any reason once confirming the check-in details. Nonetheless, if that is not possible in accordance with the regular feedback programme or the management of the hotel is not ready to come in our terms, we will be shifting you to yet another client centred hotels.
  • You will be enabled to travel in the islands permissibly, only if you possess all statutory clearances prior to your visit so that you are carrying valid travel documents such as passports, visas, medical insurance certificates and the confirmed air/ rail tickets.
  • If you have any grievances our services, you may notify us immediately via the respective tour representatives. We will be trying our best to resolve your issue within our constraints.
  • Written consents by the customers will be required to avail all kinds of cash payments from any person or authorities.

Wish you happy and memorable holidays,
Managing Director
Andaman Tour Travel