How to reach the Andaman Islands from Bangalore?

The Andaman Islands is located at an aerial distance of 1641 Kilometres from Bangalore where the tourists only have one major way to directly reach the Isles which is by flight. A time period of 2 hours and 50 minutes is required to reach the Veer Savarkar International airport at Port Blair. A number of flights also ply via Chennai which would increase the travel time up to 5 hours and more. There is no option to travel directly by train to the Islands. One may take train service from Bangalore to Chennai and then take a flight from Chennai to the Andaman Islands in order to cut cost on traveling. The travellers opting for long travel hours can also board a ship from Chennai after reaching on a flight or train from Bangalore. It takes approximately 60 hours of travel which might increase as per the climatic conditions. The tourists planning to visit the Andaman Islands from Hyderabad, Pune and Vishakapatnam may also travel via Bangalore through flight services as direct flights are not available to the Andaman Islands from the destinations. Train service can also be used from the cities to Bangalore from where the flight plies. Ship facility is available from Vishakapatanam where a travel time of 56 hours is required to reach Port Blair. Major airline companies like SpiceJet, Go Air and Jet Airways render services to reach the Andaman Islands from Bangalore. Several trains like Lalbagh Express, KSR Bengaluru and 20 other trains are available from Bangalore to Chennai. The best travel option is to board a flight as seasickness can be avoided on a journey through a ship.

How to reach the Andaman Islands from Chennai?

Dissevered by 1367 kilometres of aerial distance, the most frugal, most expeditious and convenient mode of travel from Chennai is by taking a Spicejet from Chennai to Port Blair. Fortuitously direct daily flights are available from Chennai that is destined to land at the Veer Savarkar International airport in Port Blair. The flight will take virtually 2 hours 15 minutes of travel to reach Andaman. For tight time schedule travels, flight are adviced on the other hand if elongated days of a tour is possible, then voyage in Ship can be checked out. Customary passenger ships run by Government of India is available from Chennai to Port Blair taking 50-60 hours to cross to reach Port Blair. There will be 3-4 sailings available for avid sea voyagers every month and on reaching, the vessel takes 3-4 days of halt at Port Blair. Prior booking about 15 days is needed for the cruise with three classes of travel. There is no direct train from any state of India to Andaman but if wishes so, boarding the Kaveri express from Chennai to Bangalore and from where taking flight is suggested. The tourists from cities like Coimbatore, Cochin and Mumbai can take a flight or train to Chennai from where they can board a direct flight to the Andaman Islands. Bus services can also be used to reach Chennai from Coimbatore and Cochin which approximately takes 8hours to 12 hours of travel. Travellers having sea sickness are advised to take the voyage only for return else the tour days will be wasted with difficulties.

How to reach the Andaman Islands from Kolkata?

The only way to reach Andaman from Kolkatta is by flight or ship. It is not possible to reach Andaman by rails. Port Blair and Kolkatta are separated by 1304 kilometres of aerial distance and direct flights are available to Veer Savarkar International airport from Kolkatta and domestic flights are common. Vistara airlines have announced daily direct flights from Kolkata to Port Blair. It is advised to take Air India from Kolkatta that would take up to 2 hours of travel in air. If flights are not an option regardless of time constraints then ship voyage is another option. Monthly, 3-4 sailings are offered by Government of India to reach Port Blair from Kolkatta, which are MV Nicobar and MV Akbar, taking a maximum of 70 hours of travel, that is 3-4 days of travel. Since the ship halts at the Port Blair for another 2-4 days, one can return back. Bookings are available for voyages. Direct trains are not there to reach Port Blair from anywhere in India, if Kolkatta cannot be picked as a departure point for flight, then boarding Hwh Puri Express from Kolkatta heading to Bhubaneswar is an option. From Bhubaneswar, flights are available to Port Blair. The travellers boarding from cities like Delhi and Ahmedabad may travel via train or flight to Kolkata from where direct flight services are available to Islands. The travellers may also choose to travel by bus from Delhi and Ahmedabad to Kolkata from where a direct flight can be boarded to Andaman. Never take a sea voyage if there are chances of seasickness and hence, booking a flight is the convenient option for travel.