Undersea walking is one of the best fun-filled adventure sport in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is not necessary for the travellers to have any experience. Without any complications, all you have to do is to walk on the sea floor wearing a helmet which would provide you with a close view of the world under the water without any difficulty. Undersea walking could be a very new experience for the travellers visiting the island where they could enjoy the unique experience of this different world without any hassle. One of the main attraction of this adventure sport is that the travellers who don't know swimming could also enjoy the adventure without any difficulty. This for sure is a once in a lifetime experience where the travellers could enjoy and witness the corals, underwater fauna and a wide range of multi-coloured fish of the waters in Andaman. Travellers could use a transparent helmet with a special setup would allow the travellers to breathe without carrying any heavy types of equipment. Lifeguards would be assisting and accompanying you underwater to guarantee maximum safety. This adventure sport would give you an out of the world experience which every traveller visiting the island could enjoy.

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Sea-Walking in Andaman

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₹ 3500 /-


2 hours


Portblair, Neil