The crystal clear waters of the Andaman Sea could tempt any beach person to take a dip in them and witness the underwater marvels. We could guarantee you that swimming is not a dilemma here, as you will be walking alongside the ocean floors once equipping yourself with a helmet. Anyhow, the thrill of being underwater and having a look at those glorious and endemic coral reefs will never be bounded in this whole new experience that can barely be attempted only in those selected beach destinations. You will be taken to a boat and be sailing on them until you reach a point from where you are jumping to with the above-said helmet. The spectacular visuals that you behold once you land at the seabed will blow your mind. A non-swimmer would never have expected such sort of experience never before in their lives. You do not have to be stressed out for any reasons as you will only be immersed into a certain depth. Thanks to the rich marine biodiversity that these exotic Islands of Andaman do posse. Sea walking could be one of the safest yet nerve-wracking things to do while holidaying in this splendid Union territory of India. Furthermore, you will also be accompanied by trained professionals to guide you all along with this innovative venture.

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Sea-Walking in Andaman

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₹ 3500 /-


2 hours


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