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Andaman ocean is the storehouse of amazing marine creatures and coral reefs. If a chance is given to watch all of them in close, then it will be the chance to do scuba diving in the shimmering waters of the blue sea in Andamans. Scuba diving is the first and foremost activity that comes to our minds at the moment we think about water activities in Andaman islands. It needs a great initiation from the side of travellers to try scuba diving for the first time, and once done, that will be the indelible moment in one's life. Dive deep into the marine species-rich spots to touch and feel the diversity of these creatures. On the expedition, there are experts and trained professionals to guide the dive throughout. Adding more spices to the water adventure, marine digital cameras are provided to capture the sea moments under water. Fish recognition is its another feature. Scuba diving locations in Andaman come out to be the Superior Indian Ocean native Shorelines stuffed with marine miracles. The rates and bookings for undergoing scuba diving can be availed by choosing appropriate Andaman tour packages involving adventures. Water adventures are strictly restricted for persons suffering from hypertension both low or high, Pregnant women, Heart patients, and others with health issues. If more adventure is what a scuba diver seeks, then Waters of Barren island, with rich coral reefs is appropriate but it is suggested for experts only.

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