Ross Island


The ross island could be more said as the historical hub of the island. The island is mostly under the control of the Indian Navy and every traveller entering the island should register the entry before visiting the place. It is mostly said that the island was developed into a wee-built and organised township during the British rule. This is one of the main reasons that the place houses ruins of different old houses and buildings. Some of such old building that is present in the ross island from the past includes buildings like Ballroom, Govt. Houses, Press, Chief Commissioner's House, Swimming Pool, Church, Bakery, Hospital and Troop Barracks which are in broken condition. These are the remains of the British rule in the island to which most travellers are attracted to. The ross island located at 2 km from the Port Blair could be easily reached from Phoenix Bay Jetty by enjoying a short boat ride. With all these historic elements in one place, the ross island is one of the most important and must-visit destinations in Andaman and Nicobar which is most visited by travellers from around the world.