Radhanagar Beach


Crowned as Asia's best beach by TIME magazine in 2004, all tourists are invited to witness its real significance in close and can return by admitting its elegance. Radhanagar is referred to as Beach 7, offering vibrant views of ocean and option of relaxing under the shades of lush trees on the beach shores. The colours, Green and Blue are twined together to make the travellers go trance in its beauty. The seaside stay in Radhanagar is famous for its luxury and comfort, with an aim to bask in nature's bounty, honeymoon couples throngs the shores. Honeymoon packages in Andaman definitely include Radhanagar beach as no other attractions offer all in one packaged miracle of an attraction. Distanced 12 kilometres from the island of Havelock, the sea offers the best view of coral reefs, tortoise, dolphins and other marine creatures. With the presence of Water Sports Centre, adventure fanatics can indulge in water adventures like scuba diving, snorkelling, sea walking on the beach. The enticing fact is that just by reclining in the beach chair with a favourite book, one can revel in its elegance. The white powdered sands and mischievous sea tides are the favourite activity for kids. Activities like swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, elephant safari are some fun oriented ways to immerse in the beach world. October to February is the favourable time to adore the beach beauty of Andaman islands.