Neil Island


A small yet beautiful island located about 37 kilometres from the southern end of Andaman Island is the Neil Island which is filled with unexplored diversity, coral reefs, white sand beaches and tropical forest which is one of the tourist spots in Andaman. The island is mostly known as the ‘vegetable bowl’ of Andaman. The inhabitants of the land later named the beaches of the island after different characters from the myth in Ramayana like Bharatpur, Ramanar, Sitapur and much more. The island with its relaxing vibes, long and deserted beaches and ambience is the perfect destination to chill after the hustle of the Havelock Island. Travellers can walk through the widest parts of the island which is 5 km in length. One of the most attracting features of the island is the 3 sand islands that it holds with fascinating golden sand and crystal clear waters. The sea is unique with a mosaic of green, light blue and dark blue which fascinated and attracts the travellers to the place. Bharatpur, Sitapur and Laxmanpur are the best destinations travellers could explore in the island. The breathtaking view place and the beauty of the beaches are things travellers visiting the land should not miss.