Many of you might be thinking, what this peaceful version of paddling would have got to do in this paradise of beaches. But they really do. On the lesser-explored side of Andaman, there exists one of the largest mangrove forest covers of the country. They are largely grown on either side of its small backwaters present in the interiors of the islands. When kayaking across them, you could catch a glimpse of its lush greenery in rather a different perspective. In addition to that, we will be assuring you that, you will be covering diverse green spaces including its rainforests and are catching a glimpse of the rich wildlife dwelling there while venturing out on these given kayaks. Moreover, on the challenging pursuit, the basics of kayaking will be taught to you by the trained professionals, so you would never have to be worried about it even if you are a just a beginner in the skill. The location and the time when you are kayaking will be informed once you are booking them by informing us. The rates charged for endeavouring this refreshing sailing may vary a bit, depending on the season on which you are coming. Furthermore, on any case, we are never letting to compromise on your safety, even if you are a trained kayaker or its shallow backwater, we would always make those life jackets mandatory.

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Kayaking in Andaman

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₹ 1000 /-


2 hours


Portblair, Neil