Kalapathar Beach


Kalapathar beach, the smallest and one of the most charming beaches of Havelock Island. The beach is blessed with golden sands and turquoise waters. The beach is so-called due to the presence of black rocks. Some people also say the beach got its name due to it is situated very close to the Kalapathar village. The beach is the perfect spot for recreational activities. It is not so crowded like other beaches on the island. The beach gives introspective solitude to its visitors to celebrate special moments with dear ones. As the sea waters are not affected by tides one could enjoy deep swimming. But be careful dead coral reefs are often sited over there. Dense forests surround the beach. Travellers could enjoy the beauty of the sea and its surroundings while sipping their favourite juice, sitting on the hammock tied to the tree. The black rocks make a bright contrast with the silver and give a marvellous view to travellers. You can also visit the most famous Radhanagar beach which is situated at a walkable distance from Kalapathar beach. The perfect time to visit the beach and to witness the amazing vibes is during the months from October to May. The gorgeous beauty of the beach grabs the attention of travellers across the globe.