Jet -Skiing


If the waves and speed are your passion, you may go for this. Gliding on one such Jet Ski on the turquoise blue surface waters could be one of the most adventurous things to do in the Andaman Sea. Accelerating your speed at specific instant would make your adrenaline rush, without any doubt. Yes, you could control these superbikes that are jet-powered, if you have got that perfect skills to ride them perfectly. In addition to that, you could admire at captivating sights around the white sandy beaches and the contrasting greenery if you are moving some distances beyond the boundary lines of the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. Most probably you will be heading to them, as they are known to be the most popular venue in the entire archipelago for endeavouring these intoxicating marine activities. Even though you will be the one who is steering the water bike, they will also be controlled by your instructor to ensure your safety, if you insist. Anyhow, the riders will be provided with a life jacket before setting out for Jet skiing in the azure seas surrounding the Andaman Islands. Henceforth, you obviously do not have to be pulled back from this fascinating pursuit, on any case.

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Jet-Skiing in Andaman

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₹ 1000 /-


2 hours


Portblair, Neil