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Havelock Islands

Havelock islands are the favourite beach haunt of Andaman lovers as it is packed with white sandy beaches lined with coconut palms. This most sought and top beach destination is lying 57 kilometres Northeast of Port Blair with best hotels, and resorts for quality accommodation. The highlight of this island is its versatile attractions spread throughout of which, Radhanagar beach, Asia's best beach as its sole pride. Apart from Radha Nagar beach, the reason why the islands are famous for water adventure attributes to the presence of Elephant beach with shallow water and exotic coral reefs, marine species suitable for snorkelling, sea walks, and scuba diving. Havelock islands can be accessed only by ferry services or seaplane from Port Blair. Kalaphad is the unique attraction in Havelock as it is the beach lined up with black mountains. Truly, Havelock islands are honeymooners paradise and for this reason, it is included in Andaman honeymoon packages. Trekking is another interesting activity done here as due to the presence of mangrove trees spread in various places, trekking through these forests will make one reach Elephant beach. Another trekking trail from Chidiya Tapu will end at Kalapahad. Secluded beach in Havelock is Vijayanagar beach or Lone mangrove beach with a serene atmosphere. If ready to be engulfed by the tranquil of Havelock island, visit in between September to May. Nearby islands like Neil and Inglis are equally beautiful and accessible from Havelock.

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