Andaman Ferry Services

Green ocean

Havelock to Portblair

To provide the comfort of a quality ferry service, Green ocean, the largest and the weather private ferry is all set to offer comfortable onboard experience to the Andaman vacationers.Travellers can sail through Andaman by having seated in an air-conditioned space. A maximum of 220 tourists can travel in the ferry at the same time, for which they can choose between Executive, Luxury or Royal class. Additionally, right up the deck of the ferry is sited with refreshment kiosks. They can further be entertained with dance and music played in the open deck for a while.

Arrival Point : Phoenix bay jetty

Available Days : Everyday

Time Details

  • Departure Time
  • Arrival Time
  • Duration
  • 09.30 am
  • 12.15 pm
  • 02.45 hr
  • 03.00 pm
  • 05.45 pm
  • 02.45 hr