Glass Bottom Ride


You may have to admit that ecologically rich ocean waters of Andaman deserve to be voyaged with a glass-bottom boat ride. Does that sound unfamiliar? Well, you do not have to be, as once you set your foot in a favourite beach destination, the banter about this enjoyable ride will already be in your ears. These glass bottom boats are the exclusively customized small vessels where the central portions will be made transparent, through which you could behold at the breathtaking beauty of underwater marvel. Also, the seats of these boats would most commonly be set on its sides where you could sit comfortably. Moreover, the ocean circumventing the Andaman Islands has got commendable transparency level that paves the way for better visibility of the underwater wonders and the aquatic creatures inhabiting on them. Most notably, they are the best option for the elderly and small kids in your group, as through the glass windows the underwater sea can be closely observed without even getting oneself wet. In this one hour ride, you will be exploring the adorable fishes and the magnificent coral reefs that could be offering you one of the best under the ocean experiences just like any deep-sea divers have. Such unique boat rides can only be availed in the Andaman Islands in the entire country. Henceforth, they are an unmissable thing to do once holidaying in these enchanting islands rich in marine life.

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Glass Bottom Ride in Andaman

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₹ 1000 /-


2 hours


Portblair, Neil