A fun water activity to be done at the beaches is parasailing where the adventurous tourists can set on an open parachute that would be towed by a motorboat. There is no level of difficulty in the activity as the needful is done by the people operating the motorboat. The usual time span is from 5-10 minutes which can be increased as per needs. Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex located at the Islands is a major place to pursue this sport. The overview of the beach one gets to capture from the top of the parachute is worth doing it at least once in a lifetime. The recreational activity costs as per the seasons where during the tourist season the costs are generally high. The people can do parasailing during any time of the year as there is no particular season to indulge in the activity. Utmost safety is also provided to the people pursuing parasailing. The people choosing to do parasailing should carry appropriate clothes for same. In case of cold weather, it is better to add layers of cloth to the body to avoid hypothermia. One should also avoid ornaments when parasailing as it may get hooked with the safety harness and may cause the people to fall into the water. Waterproof sunscreen can also be applied on to the body to avoid skin allergies from the water. In short, the thrilling sport lets the travellers feel like a kite flying in the air.

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