When compared with all other sorts of adventurous activities made available to the tourists vacationing in Andaman Island, this particular sport would stand apart. It could be due to the thrill involved in Parasailing or the captivating views of that you get to behold. Here you will be attached to a huge colourful parachute called Parasail wing, that is pulled over by a speed boat gliding over the pristine surface waters of Andaman Sea. Moreover, the spectacular sight of the vast expanse of turquoise blue water lashing over to its white sandy beaches in a bird eye's view is itself bliss to watch. Parasailing across these exotic islands could inevitably be a once in a lifetime experience for most of the travellers. Also, the fun drawn in by this flying is evidently indescribable. The most popular venue for undertaking this thrilling activity extending for around 10 minutes is obviously the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex of the Port Blair city. If the enthusiast those are pursuing this are vulnerable to feel any sort of discomfort, may be due to the sudden occurrences of lowering down of temperatures, they may adorn their attires accordingly. Anyhow, you will be provided with a quality life jacket, so you must ensure that you are not wearing any uncomfortable heavy dresses.

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Parasailing in Andaman

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2 hours


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