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Scuba Diving, Explore Unexplored Shallows and Colours of the Marine World

Andaman tour packages

Dotted in the bay of Bengal, the Andaman and Nicobar island is one fascinating travel destination in India which is listed as one of the must visit paradise in the world by the national geography travellers. Bays and pools with crystal clear waters and fascinating white sand beaches coated with a few interesting stories and histories make Andaman the perfect travel destination for an enjoyable and treasurable holiday where travellers could enjoy long treks and laze around in the inland waters of the island. Travellers who are more into adventures can even explore the underwater beauty of the island by getting engaged in deep sea diving and such water adventures. Stretching from the primitive, virgin beaches of the Havelock and the Neil Islands to the busy town of Port Blair, the Andaman and Nicobar Island have a number of unique attractions to offer to every tourist visiting the land. Underwater adventures are one main thing that the land has to offer to the travellers visiting the island. A number of breathtaking adventure tour packages are organised to the beach destinations of Andaman with scuba diving as the main water adventure by travel operators like Andaman Tour Travel letting you explore the vibrant colours of the marine life in Andaman.

Scuba diving - Into the deep blue sea

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Out of all the water adventures in Andaman, scuba diving holds in a special place and importance among the adventure enthusiast visiting the island. Swimming across the unique water forms, colourful corals, multicoloured fishes with beautiful patterns and colourful seabed - that is scuba diving in Andaman. It is one of the best adventures in the land which offers the diving enthusiast in the country with a rare and unique experience of the waters. The clustered islands of Andaman are all about gleaming silver shorelines comprised of the jaunting ocean waves. For travellers who dare to go deeper into the blue, the island holds in an alien world in the waters which will leave you bedazzled. While travelling to Andaman be well prepared to explore and reveal the enigmatic marine world and its rich inhabitants. Even though Andaman, the island is known to house a number of best destinations for underwater adventures, the Havelock Island, the Neil Island and the port Blair are the 3 main destinations in Andaman which is known to house the best spots where travellers could enjoy and treasure the best memories of Scuba diving. Listed below are some of the best spots where you could make the best memories of scuba diving in Andaman.

Lighthouse – Experience night diving

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Located at Havelock Island, Lighthouse is one of the best diving sites in Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is one of the largest in the land which welcomes all categories of divers. The lighthouse is more known for night diving among the PADI/SSI certified divers. Traversing the diving spot at lighthouse would mostly include exploring and coming across a number of hard and soft corals. The dive at the place would also let you witness a number of interesting water lives which mainly includes Octopus, Humpback, Lobsters, Parrotfish, Fusiliers and Lionfish. The place is one of the best options for night divers.

Depth: 6-18 meters

Fitting for: All categories of divers

Aquarium – A beginner’s paradise

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Well established at the Havelock Island, Aquarium could be referred to as a beginner’s paradise. The place is mostly explored by travellers with no much experience of the diving deep sea. Located to the southwest of Havelock Island, aquarium holds in a soft current which could be easily predicted. It is mainly this feature that makes the place a perfect choice for beginners. Being located in a reef spot the place is mostly covered with hard corals strewn where the travellers or the divers could treat their eyes with a unique colourful school of fishes.

Depth: 10-12 meters

Proper for: Beginners

Mac Point – Swim with the dugongs

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Located at the Havelock Island, Mac point is a well-known centre for scuba diving in Andaman which is mostly known among the travellers and adventure enthusiast. One of the added advantages of choosing to enjoy a diving experience in Mac-point is that here one gets to spot the national animal of Andaman, the sea dugongs. Lucky divers could even get an opportunity to swing with the animal. The rugged hard coral which is available in the waters would let you enjoy the true beauty of the underwater heaven.

Depth: 10-14 meters

Fitting for: All

Margherita’s Mischief – A myriad shades of life underwater

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Located at Neil Island, the Margherita’s Mischief is a quite a scenic spot for scuba diving in Andaman with a smooth current. To be more specific the place is one of the calmest spots with soft white sands and crystal clear water. Some of the main marine life spotted in the area includes the Blue-spotted stingrays, Batfish, Yellow Snappers, Angelfish, Soldierfish and the Pufferfish. Dugongs are also spotted in the place which acts as the main attraction here.

Depth: 7-16 meters

Fitting for: All

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, Wandoor – An exclusive national park

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Scuba diving at the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park at Wandoor in Port Blair is one of a kind which should not be missed while touring to the island to explore and experience the underwater life in the island. The place let you witness a wide range of colourful sea flowers and rare corals of about more than 50 kinds which include Acropora, Fungia, Leptoseris and Pocillopora. Whitetip Shark, Angelfish, Clownfish, Parrot Shark, Surgeonfish and Butterflyfish are some of the other marine life that one could spot while enjoying a dive in this aquatic wonderland.

Depth: 14-20 meters

Fitting for: All

Cost for scuba diving

Diving in Andaman is mostly being classified into 2 categories namely the Try Dives for non-certified divers and the Fun Diving which are organised for certified divers. There are mainly for subdivisions that are listed under the Try Dives like the Discover Scuba Diving Lite which would last to a maximum of 30 min and the cost would be 3,500/INR, the Discover Scuba Diving which would last to an hour would start from a cost of 5,900/INR. Discover Scuba Diving (extra dive) is the cheapest and starts from a cost of 2124/INR whereas the Bubble Maker is costliest as it allows diving for kids between the age group of 8-10yrs and would cost 6,785/INR. The second category Fun Diving is particularly for certified professional divers with better experience in diving. There are mainly 4 categories of diving that are listed under fun diving with different rates like the Night Dive which charges a cost of 4,720/INR, Afternoon Shore Dive or Dawn Dive which charges a cost of 5,310/INR, Full Scuba Review including 1 shore dive which charges a cost of 7,080/INR and Lite Scuba Refresher including 2 dives which charges a cost of 8,260/INR. Fun diving also includes package diving options which start from 1-day diving with a cost of 6,785 (2 dive a day) to 6-day diving (12 dives in whole) at 38,350/INR with an additional charge of 5,900/INR for each extra day.

Best time for scuba diving in Andaman

Scuba diving is preferably one of the best underwater adventure sports which are not much affected by weather. First, let us clarify that rain does not affect so much for scuba diving. It is true that it could affect the visibility in shallow but that too only happens when there is extended rainfall which is not that common in Andaman even during the monsoon season. Moreover, most of the diving spots are off-shore and the weather does not affect you once you are in the depths. The months between Januarys to May are preferable the best period for diving as the climate and the sea is the calmest during the time. Most of the adventure travellers choose to tour to Andaman during these months so as to enjoy the best of the shallow. The months from June to August is raining on the island. The monsoon in Andaman is different from that in the mainland with wet periods that have cloudy sky and frequent brief showers and the dry periods when the sky is sunny and the weather calm. The months from September-November is mostly referred to as the new season where the south winds die down with occasional showers whereas the month of December is a transition time of the year with an unpredictable climate where it could be sunny with frequent showers and moderately strong wind. In short, the best time for the beginners to enjoy a fascinating dive in the shallow would be from the month of January-May. The months between June-November are also preferable for beginners. According to the recent weather reports of the last few years, the months from January to May and September to December are preferable for professional divers planning to explore the deep shallows whereas the month of June, July and August are not prepared for professional divers as the climate would be unpredictable during the month.

The fascinating tricks and the beauty of the coral reefs in the blue water have been attracting the travellers to the Andaman and Nicobar Island. Travellers will simply love to see the innumerable marine species and coral reefs. You would be even able to explore the most beautiful hills and experience the best of underwater life in Andaman with scuba diving and such best water adventures. If you are a traveller willing to explore the unexplored shallows and colours of the marine world, the scuba diving would be one of the best adventures you could enjoy in the island.

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