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The Little Andaman Islands

Evergreen rainforest destination of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, this place exposes the greenery in the region. The Butler Bay Beach located in the region is the most famous surfing spot of the Islands. Travellers can pursue a number of activities here like exploring the corals by diving into the beach. Those coming on group tours can indulge in game fishing where rods are provided to the people for setting hooks in the sea. A simple boating experience through the beach also lets the people view various birds fluttering around as the travellers cruise. It is considered as a prime entertainment of the travellers visiting the beach. Elephants safari is another factor that attracts the people to the particular Island as it is exclusive to Little Andaman. Two major waterfalls are also located on the Little Andaman Island which are the prime attractive factors of the region. White surf waterfalls and Whisper wave showcase its scenery of gushing water to the tourists. The travellers may get to see saltwater crocodiles when at the Whisper wave due to which immense care is to be taken by the people. The best time to travel to the destination is from November to February as rest of the months are considered to be off-season period on the Island.

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