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Idyllic Honeymooning Along the Isles of Andaman

Andaman honeymoon packages

The couples who are looking forward to enjoying a romantic and adventurous honeymoon journey can make their way to Andaman where the beaches open the best opportunity for fun and peace at the same time. While couples always resort to visit destinations like Bali and Maldives they forget about the gem of a place that is closely located to them than the foreign countries. Those who are on a look out of travel are fond of the Andaman Islands for their honeymoon package where they can travel at a considerable price. The bewildering sights and the magnificence that spreads out in the Island turns the times spend together to the most memorable time. There are 325 islands in Andaman but only a few of these Islands can be visited out of which the most famous Isles have been listed as below.

The Most Famous Isle of Andaman- Havelock Island

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The Havelock Island is the most famous spot of visit at Andaman. Most of the people travelling to the place visit this Island to witness the scenic beauty that spreads throughout the Island. The major spot of the visit to this Island is the Radhanagar Beach. It gained the fame amongst the tourists after the beach was considered as the “Best Beach in Asia" in the year of 2004. A large number of people visit the beach, where they are bestowed with peace and tranquility as the beach spreads out to 10 kilometers. It is the white sand and the turquoise colored water that sets out an attractive site for the couples where they can also get beautiful pictures captured. Those who are interested in a jungle trek along the forests of Havelock may make their way to Elephant Beach where a small trekking expedition can be done. The underwater activities like snorkeling and scuba diving can also be done in this beach on prior booking. Couple rides like banana boat ride are also available at the beach. There are other beaches like Kalapathar beach and Vijayanagar Beach that offer a tranquil vacation to the visitors. The people travelling to the Island can board the ferries from Port Blair.

Ross Island- the Isle of History

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Ross Island is closely located to the capital of Andaman, Port Blair. In travelling 7 km, the couples can visit a number of places that are connected to the history of India. The Cellular Jail which is a major part of Indian History is located here. The colonial prison is a national memorial monument now. The famous movie Kala Pani had beautifully depicted the monument in the movie along with the past. A walk in the jail and the light and sound show will take the people through the hard times that the freedom fighters had once gone through for the present days we have been gifted with. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is also located close by here where the couples can venture into safe water sports activities that showcase the collection of coral reefs in the Island. In fact, it’s a paradise for the people who are well versed in swimming where the couples can try out jet skiing and speed boating. Samudrika Marine Museum is a must visit when on travel through the Andaman Islands where they are bestowed with the best opportunity of knowing the place better. The museum showcases the history and geographical details regarding the Island and also about the tribes that reside here. The information regarding the marine life has been elaborated to the people where they get to know about an array of coral reefs and marine life existing in the Andaman. After the destructions that had been caused by the Tsunami, people avoid residing in Ross Island. It has indeed turned into a major tourist destination that is inevitable.

Neil Island- the Vegetable Bowl’ of Andaman.

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Neil Island is a small Island that gives the best spot to spend a day on tour. It is spread up to 37 kilometers and the people can literally walk through the whole Island in a small speck of time as rest of it is filled with water. Indulging in underwater activities is the best adventure the travelers can have at Neil Island. The Laxmanpur Beach gives the couples a chance on setting off on a snorkeling expedition under well-trained instructors. One major benefit that people receive on just swimming in these beaches is that it is still maintained with utmost purity. No plastic hangs on to the traveler on taking a swim through the beach. This is a major reason that attracts the swimmers to the Islands where they can wholeheartedly enjoy their swim. Another destination is the Bharatpur beach where the travelers can go on glass boat rides viewing the spectacular amount of coral reef in the region. Howrah bridge is where the bridge has been formed out of rock formation. Before boarding the ferry, the couples can also visit the Neil Kendra where the people sell various things to the people. Neil Island remains silent compared to Havelock Island as people often make their way to the most famous destination during their tour package to Andaman. A number of hotels and resorts are located by the beach where the couples can have the beach view for their residences. Daily ferries to the Island are available from Port Blair and the people can return back to the ferries during the evening or stay back in the accommodations provided in the region.

On travelling to Andaman's various Islands, the travelers can purchase some souvenirs as a memory of the journey where beautiful things are made out of corals. It is one of the distinctive purchases that most of the couples do from the island. In short. The Andaman Island is one of the few places where the travelers get to enjoy the best time of togetherness. A candlelight dinner along the shores of the beach and a night walk is worth a million memories from the destination. In case the honeymooners are on a lookout for this, there is no better place than the Andaman Islands.

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