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Let the travel fondle and the adventure is in the waters of Andaman

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most visited tourists' locations that belong to India. A ray of 325 Islands forms the most beautiful archipelago in the Bay of Bengal. The white sand beaches and the beach activities are the prime factors that attract the tourists to the Islands. Approximately 36 of these Islands can be visited on the travel where the people can have the best beach vacation in the most celebrated manner. One major factor that differentiates Andaman from the rest of the destinations in India like Kolkata, Delhi and Kerala is the pollution free environment. The immense care taken by the authorities have helped the Islands in being one of the scenic delights existing on the earth. Andaman is inhabitants of the Sentinelese tribes who are not in touch with the other residents of the Isles. People from various states of India like Malayalis, Tamilians, and Bengalis started to stay here from an age-old era when tourism became very prevalent to the place. They set up various ventures where the tourists can now take services from.

Few of the most famous Islands of Andaman are the Havelock, Neil and Ross Island. And the major sight to be captured from here is the beaches. The world famous Radhanagar beach is located at the Havelock Island where the crystal clear water and the white sand embrace any traveller coming on an Andaman tour package. The pebbles and corals can be seen through the water that reflects its eternal beauty to the Thalasophiles. It is also one factor that lets the travellers indulge in the water activities that are done here. Sea Walk, snorkeling, scuba diving are the major underwater activities for which the adventure travellers reach Kerala. Instructors provide the people with the required help with which they can take a tour of underwater. The marine beings and coral reefs are worth a great experience. Other water activities like Glass boat rides, jet skiing and parasailing are also commonly done by most of the travellers. Kayaking is also open to the tourists through which they can row through the rich mangroves in the Island. Two exclusive aquatic animals the travellers love to see here are the Dugongs and the Dolphins. Dugongs are the official state animal of Andaman and Nicobar Islands which can be spotted in specific beaches of Andaman. Dolphins are a common sight at Havelock Island. Largest living arthropods can also be spotted at the Islands which are known as the robber crabs. They crawl around in the Chagos archipelago. Humongous turtles also can be spotted at Diglipur which usually get out for the nesting period. The people interested in Bird Watching can also have a treat to their eyes by visiting Mount Harriet where other than birds, they travellers can also see butterflies

Other than the beaches and the underwater activities, people can also be a part of the history the Island holds. And the first place of significance is the Cellular Jail. It is dated back to 1896 when the construction of the jail began. It took approximately 10 years for the completion of the construction. Most of the Indian freedom fighters had been put into this prison by the Britishers. Ross Island also has the British Headquarters located in it. A number of Museums are also situated at Andaman like Samudrika Marine Museum, Anthropological Museum, Forest Museum and Kala Pani Museum. Samudrika Museum is where the travellers can get all the information regarding the history of the Island and its people. The museum has 5 sections regarding various topics which is worth an excursion of three hours of pure knowledge.

The nature lovers will also find two waterfalls located at the Andaman Islands. The White Surf Waterfalls and Whisper Wave, located at The Little Andaman Island showcase the beauty of the waterfalls that flow within the most beautiful destination. Trekking spots are also available at Diglipur and Havelock Island. Chidia Tapu, as well as Saddle Peak, are also a trekker’s paradise. Another fascinating view to be captured from Andaman is the limestone caves. Baratang is the destination from where the people can excavate these caves. On reaching the Barren Island, the travellers can view the only place where Volcanoes are active in South Asia.

All types of cuisines are served to the people visiting Andaman as people from various parts of the world visit the Isles. Hence the travellers can feel more at home when having food as all International, as well as local cuisines, are served in various restaurants. All authentic food of India like Bengali dishes and Rajasthan platter are few of the delightful food available for the people that treats the people on their trip on Andaman tour package from Kolkata. The seafood cuisines are considered to be a specialty of the region as well where continental fresh recipes are cooked and served to the needful. Other than the main courses, desserts served with the Pandanus fruits are also special to Andaman. The exclusive fruit is available only at a few places due to which it is compulsory to try this out from the Andaman Islands.

The travellers are also taken aback by the festivals celebrated here which is a delight to the travellers coming from places like Kolkata and Chennai as they are exposed to varied cultures from theirs. As tourism is the main income to the people residing at the Isles, they celebrate World Tourism Day in a grand manner. The food festival is also celebrated for 4 continuous days. The most famous Island tourism festival is celebrated in major places like Havelock, Wandoor, Hut Bay and various other Islands due to which the travellers going to various Islands can be a part of the festivals. Music festivals and Film festivals are also celebrated annually in the Islands. Entertainment and fun activities are conducted for the entertainment of both the residents as well as the tourists. Hence Andaman and Nicobar Island is a place where we can easily get to in order to spend one of the most memorable holidays. When returning, the travellers can also purchase souvenirs in the form of coral jewellery and handicrafts which are sold to the people in all the markets of Andaman. The best facilities, beach and food makes it worth every trip taken to these Islands

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