Relish the Authentic Taste of Seafood at Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Listed as one of the must-visit travel destinations in the world, the Andaman and Nicobar island is one of the most fascinating travel destinations that comes under the union territory of India. Dotted in the Bay of Bengal, this fascinating island destination holds within a number of best travel attractions and unique tourism elements that grabs the attention of the travelers and tourists to a greater extent. It is mainly the natural beauty, the picturesque view and the different water adventures that are being offered at Andaman that attracts and entertain the travelers from around the world. Being a well-known beach destination with immense beauty the offers the travelers with a number of water adventures that are both entertaining and exciting to a greater extent this is one main reason for the place to be referred to as the adventure lover’s paradise. In addition, the place also holds within a number of travel operators like Andaman Tour Travel that offers that travelers with the best Andaman Nicobar tour packages at cheaper rates. The easier availability of travel operators and pocket-friendly travel package has increased the rate at which the travelers are exploring the beach destinations. According to the statistic reports, most of the travelers exploring the waters are mostly domestic travelers from Chennai and such places. The direct availability of flight from Chennai to Port Blair makes the travel from the place, even more, easier and cheap. Apart from the beauty of nature, unique attractions and natural wonders there are a number of other things that attracts and entertains travelers to a greater extent like the food and the cuisines in the land. Most of the travelers and tourist tripping from domestic destinations like Chennai love to explore the taste and the cuisines offered in the land along with all the other attractions in the place. Listed below are some of the best cuisines in Andaman and Nicobar island that any traveller both domestic and foreign love tasting.

Tandoori Fish
Being a well-known beach destination, seafood is one of the best that is being offered in the land. Most of the restaurants and hotels servicing in Andaman offer a verity of seafood menu which most of the travelers love. The Tandoori fish is one such food verity that is being offered in Andaman that the majority of the domestic travelers from Chennai choose to have. The dish is one of the best picks for all fish lovers. The dish could be ordered from any restaurant in the area, as being one of the famous and well-known dishes in the island it is made available in almost all the restaurants in the area. A trip to Andaman mostly includes seafood as a major part of the cuisine and thus the Tandoori fish is a must try while at Andaman Nicobar islands.

Rice, Roti, Naan
The Andaman and Nicobar island being a part of the union territory of India most of the best cuisines in the land are been taken from the main lands of India. Rice, Roti, Naan is one such dish that is being taken from India. Andaman being a cultivated land with ongoing rice cultivations the land has enough rice to cook. Most of all of the restaurants in Andaman offers rice to travelers with a different curry combination as in Chennai and a number of other states to the south of the country. Vegetables, chicken and different fish verities are made available at the Andaman market. This makes it easier for travelers from Chennai as they can taste the flavors and the foods of their land to a greater extent. The Roti and Naan would be of different size at different restaurants in the place.

Curried Prawns
Being a beach destination with greater availability of seafood most of the cuisines in Andaman includes seafood verities. Prawns are one of the main seafood elements in the land and are available in plenty from the Bay of Bengal. The freshly caught prawns from the sea add-in to the taste of the cuisines made of the same. Curried Prawns is one of the main prawn dishes in Andaman that most of the travelers love to taste. With a perfect blend of both masala and spices, the Curried Prawns brings out the best flavor of the food. Almost all of the restaurants in Andaman and Nicobar islands offer Curried Prawns as a special dish. Prawns being one of the most common side dishes to the south of India to a place like Chennai the dish are one of the favorites of the domestic travelers.

Grilled Lobsters
Lobster is one of the other food verities that are made available in the restaurants of Andaman and Nicobar islands. From all the dishes that are being prepared by lobster, the Grilled Lobsters is one of the most known and most delicious among them all. With a perfect mix of chilli flakes, Butter, cloves and parsley with Lobsters, the dish brings out the best flavors available in the land. The aroma and the taste of the grilled lobster are so delicious that one could never miss the dish once in Andaman. Most of the tour packages that are being organized to Andaman from Chennai and such domestic destination should include Grilled Lobsters into their cuisine list so as to let the travelers explore and enjoy the authentic taste and the flavors of the seafood verities offered in the islands. Andaman and Nicobar islands are one of the most sought-after travel destinations in the world that are being equally loved by all categories of travelers. But it is not just the nature and the beauty of the place that entices the travelers, even the aroma and the flavors of the different plates of seafood that are being offered by the land attract the travelers and foodies to the land. With the rich availability of varied foods and different attracts Andaman is one of the best travel destinations that comes under the union territory of India. For travelers who wish to enjoy the best of seafood verities made available in the world, the Andaman and Nicobar islands are the perfect destination to explore.