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How to Reach Elephant Beach, Have Lock Island | Andaman Honeymoon Packages
Andaman Honeymoon Packages in Elephant Beach
Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is a really perfect vacation spot for water sports activities and for enjoyment excursion in Andamans. You might feel like being in a paradise once visiting its seaside positioned in Havelock Islands. It's rich coral reef and wonderful underwater marine existence will genuinely spellbind you and will urge you to come back again. The beach is an exceptional place to hang around in the Andaman Islands and you'll notice lots of tourists especially foreigners here. This location is good for an enjoyable time with food and drink. Besides, if you sense like doing some amusing activities along the beach, then try out water sports like diving, snorkelling, swimming, hiking and kayaking. Being well-known for its coral reefs, sea walk is an active adventure activity prevalent in this beach where you can explore vista of coral reefs while walking over the sea bed. Apart from that, revel in the soothing pleasures like sunbathing, scuba diving, surf driving, fishing, swimming, gazing at the sunset or dawn, trekking, kayaking and all. Approach the beach from jetting by a boat ride of 20 minutes from Havelock island. The sea remains calm during November to February making ideal to visit.

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