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Best Activities In Andaman Island

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Scuba diving is the most famous water activity in Andaman after tasting the authentic sea food. If you are adventurous enough, then you can make this fable a reality. The wonder world of underwater can be explored by trying out the scuba diving.
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Snorkeling is one of the major water activities in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is the best way to explore the underwater world and the coral reefs. Even if you don’t know swimming, you can make a good time by trying this activity.
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Apart from the famous water sports in the Andaman Islands, trekking is another soulful adventurous activity. Each island in this archipelago is rich in various marine resources as well as the rich flora and fauna.
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It is another amazing activity available in the Andaman Islands. This creek journey is possible in the Baratang Island which is 100 Kms away from Port Blair. A boat safari is possible through the midst of thick mangrove forest and you can see the natural water way there. A wide variety of birds and animals are living in this lush greenery. You can spot many of them.
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It doesn't matter whether you are a swimmer or non-swimmer, this diving is for those who seek a complete adventure in Andamans. Initial training on diving is provided lasting 45 minutes and an introductory dive. Real dive into the wreckage site follows and an old wreckage of a cargo ship and its ruined parts is visualised beneath. Entirely different diving experience for those who are beginners.
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Look down the floor, you can watch splendid underwater world, possible only at glass bottomed boats of Andamans that offer a luxurious window to the underwater coral reefs and marine life of the island without making your feet wet. Enjoy a ride of 60 minutes duration looking down on a quality speed boat. Fasten your belt and wait for the amazing view the bottom of the boat offers and catch the sight of large fish.
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Take a deep breath and walk towards the sea. How risky to imagine but not at all with an oxygen helmet fitted with a transparent visor. This popular adventure activity has gained the interest of many as walking deeper into 6 to 7 meters of depth and feeling the seabed under your feet can allow you to get a close watch of coral reefs and marine life. Certified experts will guide your walk in the sea.
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Get into a large 100 seater cabin fully air conditioned, realise slowly that you are on a semi submarine for coral safari. The luxurious window lends a view of the deep sea with 45 degrees of inclination. Watch through the window amazing coral world and marine life lasting for 2 hours of travel. This once in a lifetime experience can be enjoyed by people of any age, starting at the Andaman water complex.
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It's not mandatory that you should prior practise pedalling for kayaking in Andaman islands. Professionals will train you and set you out for a kayak tour through the thick vegetation of Mangroves. Fill your eyes with green and explore the inner mangrove creeks of Havelock islands with 2.5 hours of the kayak. You will be accompanied by the chirruping of birds and obviously, after this, you will fall in love with kayaking.
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